Video Poker Software

Video Poker is one of the best games you will find in the casinos. It's a much better game to play than a slot machine and there are two main reasons for this:

  1. You can tell what a video poker machine is programmed to pay back by simply looking at its paytable. This can never be done for a slot machine.
  2. Slot machines are games of pure luck, while video poker is a game of skill. So the better you are at playing your hands in video poker, the higher the return you will achieve on the game!

One of the best ways to improve your skills is to use video poker software. By practicing with software you will easily be able to identify the best-paying machines in any casino, plus you will be able to practice playing those games so you can play at a near-perfect level.

Additionally, some programs will allow you to print out strategy cards that you can take with you into the casino.

Recommended Video Poker Software Programs

Below is information on our favorite video poker software programs available on the market today. Click on the name of each software program to learn the benefits of each and its price.

These are priced between $18-50. All of the software have a trial version you can download for free. 

Optimum Video Poker Software - Mac/Windows Version

Learn how to play video Poker with this Great software

 (see our review here)


Winpoker Software

Winpoker Video Poker training software

Winpoker: WinPoker 6 is a training program that points out strategy as you go along. It gives you guidance that covers every single hand you could be dealt. Available here


Video Poker for Winners! Software

Video Poker for winners trainign software

Video Poker for Winners: Software built on the strategies of video poker legend, Bob Dancer. This features over 20 video poker variations. You play within the software and choose which play mode you want:  Test, AutoHold, Warn, Show, and None. Available here


BVS Video Poker

BVS Video Poker: This program gives guidance for 40 video poker games. It has three play modes: Normal, Auto-hold, and Auto-play. Available here