Emerald Smash
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Emerald Smash

Emerald Smash is a slot machine about filling up racks with emeralds and watching them burst into winnings.


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Emerald Smash review

Emerald Smash is a slot machine about filling up racks with emeralds and watching them burst into winnings.

With a unique feature and an easy way to play, Emerald Splash is a good slot game for idle hands. It has five reels, 30 paylines, and plenty of winnings opportunities.

ArgumentThe slot machine is basic but interesting
Game Name:Emerald Smash
Provider:NYX (Inspired Games)
Game Type:Online Slot Machine
Volatility:Medium to high
Features:Emerald Smash
Min Bet (all lines covered):$0.30
Max Bet:$90
Supporting Currencies:USD, EUR
Top Win:$250,000

How I tested Emerald Smash

Emerald Smash is a slot machine about filling up racks with emeralds and watching them burst into winnings.

With a unique feature and an easy way to play, Emerald Splash is a good slot game for idle hands.

It has five reels, 30 paylines, and plenty of winnings opportunities.

We take information from the various providers, the game itself, and the creators to form our opinions.

Here are our steps:

  • Check availability of the slot at various casinos.
  • Research the volatility, RTP, betting range, and maximum winnings.
  • Look for special features such as free spins.
  • Play the game for free on the designer website

Play Emerald Smash with the best bonus

There aren’t many casinos that host this game.

There are two in New Jersey that host Emerald Smash: Golden Nugget Online and Caesar’s Casino and Sportsbook.

There are 24 online casinos available in Florida and 85 non-english casinos outside of Florida that host Emerald Smash as well.

Here are three online casinos that offer competitive welcome bonuses:

Unibet Casino

Receive a $10 free bet and 100% first deposit match up to $500.


Receive $10 bonus dollars and 100% first deposit match up to $300.


Receive $10 in welcome bonus cash and $300 first deposit match.

Casinos that provide Emerald Smash beyond New Jersey include Bet365, Jackpot Paradise, and more.

These sites are located out of state and allow you to play the game easily while in Florida and other states these sites are provided.

Compared to other slots which have over 250 in Florida alone, there aren’t many options to play Emerald Smash for real.

Casinos when travelling abroad may host Emerald Smash, such as Casino British.

Golden Nugget is the best choice, though there weren’t many.

The best option that we found would be Golden Nugget Online.

The casino has good reviews and is rated as the top online casino in New Jersey.

Emerald Smash is not the most popular game with other casinos which favor bigger names.

This could be due to its lack of intensity or the ease of play being less engaging. 

Emerald Smash Symbols & Payouts

The symbols

Emerald Smash uses crystal fruits, stars, clovers, and 7’s as symbols.

Special emerald symbols appear during an Emerald Smash that turn into these other symbols.


Emerald Smash paytable

Min/Max Bet

Emerald Smash has a minimum bet of $0.30 and a maximum bet of $90.

This low max bet offers a stepping stone for players to begin playing, however the maximum bet is also relatively average.


Activate autoplay by holding down the spin button.

The autoplay feature allows you to customize your autoplay by selecting the number of spins, the loss limiter, and cancel the spins at any time.


Emerald Smash has an RTP of 96.5%, typically rounded up to 97%.

This is generally a good RTP, meaning that the autoplay feature has the potential to earn big.


Emerald Smash has a volatility that can go between medium and high.

Typically the volatility will be medium, paying out well enough with a medium risk but the volatility can shift based on unknown factors according to some players.

Hit Frequency

We weren’t able to find information on Hit Frequency.

Jackpot and/or maximum win

There is no jackpot for Emerald Smash, and the maximum win is $250,000.

Emerald Smash has a low minimum bet and high RTP, but watch out for the volatility and hit frequency.

Emerald Smash has a low minimum bet that makes it easy to get started, and the return is decent for online slots.

However, the slot machine lacks information on Hit Frequency and can be highly volatile.

Be careful if you decide to make large bets on Emerald Smash, the high volatility could quickly turn against you.

If you’re looking for a game with a Jackpot feature, Emerald Slots is not be able to provide.

The slot lacks a jackpot feature, which is a core mechanic in many slot machines.

Because of this there may not be any extra incentive to continuing playing after a single win. 

Game Features

Wilds, re-spins, and other features

Emerald Smash

Emerald Smash offers a special feature of its namesake which occurs when emeralds line up.

The feature turns all emeralds in winning lines into a matching set of a symbol from the paytable.

This feature may match the emeralds up with the most valuable possible symbol, or may be entirely random in its choices.

Bonus buy

Emerald Smash does not offer bonus buy

Emerald Smash is unique but severely lacking in special features.

Despite possessing an extremely unique feature, Emerald Smash lacks special features that are standard on modern slot machines.

Wilds, re-spins, jackpots, and scatters are among the many special features present on various slots that Emerald Smash simply lacks.

Emerald Smash as a feature works very well for the gameplay of this easy slot machine.

Offering potentially massive wins by lining up large amounts of emeralds.

This feature may not make up for the lack of wilds or free spins, but it helps.

Emerald Smash Graphics & Sound

Optimized for Mobile👍
MusicBasic arcade style
Special featuresEmerald Smash feature explodes victoriously
Big WinOn big wins, an alarm bell will ring and a special graphic appears.

Charming graphics and sound design give it a classic feel.

The graphics and sound design of Emerald Smash are charming.

They give it a proper arcade feel and that classic slot machine appearance.

The graphics are a large part of what makes this game so fun to play.

It attracts players with simplicity and familiarity in appearance.

However, the game’s simplistic visuals and sound design can be overshadowed by competition.

The brighter and more bombastic visuals of other slot machines will draw attention away from Emerald Smash.

Solutions if you have some issues with a game

If your game suffers an unexpected interruption during real play, the game will back up to the last known state.

Beyond that, any issues present do not have an integrated fix.

It’s always best to ensure you have a stable connection when playing to avoid disappointments and the possibility of losing any winnings.


Emerald Smash is a very basic and barebones experience compared to other online slot machines.

The game is fun to play and unique, but lacks mainstay features such as wilds or extra spins.

Despite this, it can be very easy to win large amounts on this machine thanks to the special Emerald Smash feature.

In our opinion, this game is good for fun and easy to play, despite its flaws.

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